Keep the packet of fresh tissues from your kit handy so you can blot your brows every 15 minutes or so, this prevents hardening of the lymph which creates scabs - you'll need to do this for the full day after your treatment. 2 hours after your treatment your new eyebrows should be gently cleansed with the green soap mixture provided in your aftercare kit and warm (not hot!) water. Gently lather with circular movements and rinse with warm water. After washing, gently dry again with a fresh tissue and apply the aftercare cream from your kit with a cotton bud. Never apply the cream to wet brows and be careful not to smother them in too much cream, you only need a rice grain amount for each brow. Before bed, wash your brows again & put your cream on then apply cling film over your brows and secure in place with the plasters from your aftercare kit. Take extra care not to stick the plasters to your tattoo. Use a fresh pillowcase & change it regularly.




-Wash your brows once every morning & once every night with your green soap mixture.


-Apply the after care cream provided with your treatment at least 3-4 times a day to prevent scabbing which can sometimes pull the pigment out which may leave your brows looking patchy.


-Don't worry if your brows appear super dark - this is part of the healing process and they will fade over the next few weeks. There are a few 'scary' phases thoughout the healing period - it can be a rollercoaster of emotions! Click here to see some examples.


-Once you're past the 5 day mark, you just need to apply your cream once on a morning & once on a night & the green soap is no longer needed.




-pools, hot tubs, lakes, steam rooms & saunas

-sunbathing & sunbeds

-any perfume or chemically products near your brows

-sleeping on your face

-long, hot showers - try limit to 5 minutes

-soaking in a hot bath - as little steam as possible

-invasive cosmetic procedures like skin peels & botox

-intense exercise & heaving sweating

-application of make-up around the brow area

-rubbing, scratching or exfoliating your brows

-let any scabs drop off naturally - do not pick!




Your brows will be fully healed & you need to make your finishing touch-up appointment for anytime between now & the 2 month mark to avoid an additional charge. The colour will fade between 30-40% in the weeks after the initial treatment and this is the true colour. If you feel they aren't dark enough, full enough or thick enough - consult with me on your finishing touch-up day and we can adjust.  


The Next 5 Days

First Day

Things to Avoid for 2-3 Weeks

After 6 Weeks


-A patch test is required by law at least 48 hours before your treatment - call into the salon or I can send you a pack in the post.


-Leave your brows to grow in for at least 2 weeks to be sure we keep as many natural hairs in your shape as possible.


-If you usually take any Fish Oil supplements or Vitamin E - stop taking those 2 days before your procedure as they can thin your blood which can cause extra bleeding.


-For 24 hours avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine & don't take any aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief as this also can thin your blood.


-Leave at least 3 weeks after any Botox of filling treatments before coming for your microblading.


-It's recommended that you have your microblading done at least 1 month before any special occasions as in the first few weeks your brows will appear darker than your desired colour as they heal.


-If you'd like more information or have any questions you can book a free consultation appointment anytime - this is recommended.


-A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to make an appointment.

Microbladin-p1 Microbladin-p4 Microbladin-p3 Microbladin-p8

What to Expect

-I usually allow myself around 3 hours treatment time, it rarely takes that long but just to be sure we aren't rushing - please do allow plenty of time for your session.


-Most of the treatment is spent measuring, drawing, checking, double checking & triple checking everything together to make entirely sure you're happy with everything before we make any permanent changes.


-Once we have the perfect frame drawn, any hairs that grow outside the frame are removed.


-A numbing agent is used to reduce any discomfort but if you do start to feel you need some more applying during the blading, don’t be scared to ask - I don't bite!  : )


-A fresh blade is used for every person. The 'blade' is actually made up of a row of tiny fine needles attached to a disposable handheld tool.


-The blading itself can take anything between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your natural brows and the kind of results you want to achieve.


-Each hair stroke is 'grazed' with the pigment filled blade around 3 times each to evenly distribute the pigment throughout the incision making a clean, crisp, realistic looking hair.


-Once all the strokes are in, pigment is applied all over your brows and left for 10 minutes to ensure each new 'hair' is completely saturated with colour and while it's on we can discuss aftercare.